31 Mar 2018

Sound Evolution, Saturday, March 31st

From Hip-hop to opera, reggae to classical; pop, rock, poetry, and mantra. Yes! We have something for everyone. Our soul-soothing sounds will send your spirit soaring. With a blend of local favourites and international flavours, we invite you to a conscious concert. Evolve through sacred sound.

 Reggae with Texito Langa 

My musical creativity is expressed through Reggae but not solely; I also write and compose Jazz and African percussive music, amongst other genres. It is through Reggae, however, through “Mighty Vibration,” that I better express with words the depths of my soul. I feel Reggae music has a frequency which allows spiritual messages to be delivered and received efficiently. It’s hypnotic, a rhythmic movement that is easily accepted by most regardless of designations. The essence of music is its message: these are motivational lyrics based on spiritual knowledge and understanding. If this message is taken and its principles applied, it would give us all great joy. And joy is what I wish to give and receive my performance. My music deals with matters of the mind and soul. It aids spiritual discipline, self-love, meditation, devotion. It emphasises goodness, aiming to transcend the difficulties of this world through practical spirituality. You can visit me at www.mightyvibration.com

Pop & Opera with Lusi 

Lusibalwethu Sesanti is 21 years old and a 4th year BMus (Bachelor of Music) student at Stellenbosch University. Her passion for music took root at six years old. Lusi feels pop culture has influenced the world majorly, from fashion to conduct. Such influences can be either positive or catastrophic. She uses pop and opera to create honest and meaningful music with a story to tell. “I want my audience to feel real and lasting emotions. Above and beyond technically precise music, you can expect an honest and heartfelt performance, filled with energy and attention to detail. A performance filled with all my love. Expect the unexpected. My aim is to use my little influence to squeeze hope back into the world. I believe that the development of Krishna conscious Pop and Opera can change the collective consciousness of the world and the way the human race evolves and interacts.”

Hip-hop Poetry with Flame Phoenicx 

Flame Phoenicx presents powerful poetry that educates, entertains and empowers, “I choose poetry primarily because it beautifully captures different levels of human experience, provides solace and allows healthy emotional release. I want people to understand how key it is that we evolve as individuals to our full spiritual potential.” Flame Phoenicx promises you an exhibition of our real nature – something of the extraordinary. Also in the hip-hop line-up is MC Pralamz.