30 Mar 2018

Life-In-Style, Friday, March 30th, 4pm  

Are you up for laughter and love-infused food? Catch local celebrity, Annalaksmi; a semi-finalist in SA’s got talent, recently featured in Kings and Queens of Comedy and soon to feature in a one-woman show at Monte Carlo Casino, she has charmed her audiences with sharp wit and spontaneous song. Annalaksmi joins us in our holistic cooking segment. She runs her own restaurant, is particularly partial to Italian food and enjoys making her own ravioli. She has even invested in a pasta machine. Annalaskmi’s culinary skills will be put to the test. We can’t wait to see what she will whip up from surprise ingredients. At the Durban Festival of Chariots, you can ‘Cook with Annalaksmi’, taste divine cuisine, and laugh at life a little.

Our Life-In-Style also lets you explore other Vedic arts. Back in South Africa by popular demand is Sri Radha Govinda, a qualified Vedic Astrologer, Palm Analyst, Psychotherapist and author of a serious of astrological books including, ‘ How to mess up your life with Astrology’ and ‘Sailing on the Same Ship’. She will be joined by her mentor, Manhohara Das.

Energize with yoga. Prophesize with Astrology. Revitalise with Ayurveda. Make a conscious connection through mantra-meditation. Style your life with goodness at the Durban Festival of Chariots.