2 Apr 2018

Walk & Yoga Monday 2 April @7am 

For the early bird! Invigorate the body and mind on a walk with the world-renowned Walking Monk – Bhaktimarga Swami. The swami has walked across Canada four times and the US once, a total of 30 000 km! This is an opportunity to have a thoughtful conversation with a monk in a casual environment. Bhaktimarg Swami shares, “By nature’s design we are meant to walk. Every part of the body is designed to move. Our body is energized by walking – the blood and air moves, our nervous system stays activated, and all organs remain healthy and strong. Walking also stimulates introspection. So overall it is a good work-out and a good work-in.”

The walk will begin at the Blue Waters Hotel go to the beach and end at the festival site where you will ease into a yoga session with Namibian power yogi, Imani. As a yoga teacher, Reiki and Holistic Therapy practitioner, she sees power yoga as meditation in motion. This event is designed to get you moving, stretching, breathing and aligned with Divinity. Registration is essential: