1 Apr 2018

Everybody Dance, Sunday, April 1st @4pm  

Dandiya Dance-Off

Can you feel the rhythm? Get off your seats and grab some dance sticks. Our interactive dance session brings you Dandiya! Dandiya is an ancient form of stick dance that can be performed in concentric groups. We aim for one massive group dance-off!  Do you have two left feet? No problem! Just register and qualify for your own pair of dandiya sticks and dance lesson. Once you’ve got your sticks and learned the moves, we get together and..Ready Steady Dance!

Drum Cafe

Can you hear the rumble? We bring you the globally acclaimed Drum Cafe. Interactive drumming is a sure and fun way to get your blood pumping, release tension, and feel alive with rhythm. Follow your heart-beat. Togetherness is our key. Join in with your Dandiya sticks. Oh, and watch out for our mantra drum fusion.

You need to register to join in both of these events. We have a limited number of dandiya sticks and drums, so book early or bring your own. Note: no under 10s for the drumming.

Registration is essential: